What does the clinic specialize in?

We specialize in preventative, regenerative and sports medicine. I utilize some of the most advanced therapies available today including Ultrasound, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections and Stem Cell treatments. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to book a full consultation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and see if we can help you achieve your optimum health.

What services and therapies do you offer?

We do a range of services and cutting edge technologies including Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging, Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections, Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cell Injections, treatment of tendinosis and tendon tears, and more. Please refer to our TREATMENTS page for a comprehensive list of therapies. For information on why we use ultrasound to provide you with the most accurate and thorough diagnosis possible, please see here.

What can you provide my family doctor cannot?

Like a family practitioner, we believe good health involves the whole person, and that health is more than just the absence of disease. However, specialization has allowed us to concentrate on musculoskeletal and exercise-related conditions and has given us the opportunity to develop advanced skills in your diagnosis and treatment. Please see our advanced treatments for more information.

What types of patients will you see?

We see patients of any age for musculoskeletal-related, exercise-related, sports physicals or pain that could possibly be musculoskeletal. As far as musculoskeletal conditions, that includes both acute injuries and chronic conditions. We see both elite athletes and everyday people who are concerned about their health. Most of our patients see us for musculoskeletal pain or injury, and other patients consult us for a wide variety of exercise-related problems. The vast majority of musculoskeletal injuries can and should be treated non-operatively, which is exactly our area of focus.

What type of insurance do you take?

We take most insurance including: Blue Cross Pacific Source Cigna Medicare InterWest Please contact us to see if we currently carry your insurance. We are here to help.

Why do you use ultrasound?

Musculoskeletal ultrasound offers a level of diagnostic precision previously unavailable to musculoskeletal specialists. Its anatomic detail exceeds that of MRI for tendons, ligaments, fascia, blood vessels and nerves, and with ultrasound, we can observe your body parts moving, which can provide additional insights. The proper use of diagnostic ultrasound requires training beyond what is available in medical school, residency and fellowship, as well as detailed anatomical knowledge. Ultrasound imaging has changed our understanding of the nature of many physical disorders, examples being plantar fasciopathy (previously called plantar fasciitis), tennis elbow, rotator cuff disease, and pain at the lateral hip (previously called trochanteric bursitis). All of our injections are ultrasound guided. Although studies have shown that unguided injections can achieve up to 90% accuracy with some joints, with some physicians in some research settings, we believe that even 90% is not good enough. Ultrasound guidance also allows us to avoid nerves and blood vessels. A prime example of this would be a branch the lateral circumflex femoral artery, which crosses in front of the hip joint with an accompanying nerve. These can be avoided during a hip injection only if ultrasound guidance is being used. For any type of injection you might be considering, we would be happy to explain the benefits of ultrasound guidance. Please see here for more information or call for more info.

What is the recovery time after PRP?

After PRP injection, formation of new collagen fibers begins about 10 days after injection, but these fibers are very fragile at first. You need to treat them gently! From that point, healing rate depends on the size of the damaged area, your age and general health, and how long the damage has been present. Usually, our patients are ready for return to their full training program after 3 months. Between 1 and 3 months, you will be working slowly up to that level.