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Bozeman Sports Medicine was founded in 2019 by Erik Adams, MD, PhD, and Erin Sigler, MA, to help meet the musculoskeletal health needs of our neighbors. Dr. Adams is a physician with specialty fellowship training in non-operative sports medicine and in ultrasound imaging, and Erin Sigler is a medical assistant with extensive experience in medical procedures. We promote the values of seeking to be excellent in all we do and in putting our patients first.

About Bozeman Sports Medicine injury treatments

Meet us

Erik Adams MD, PhD

Dr. Adams, our physician at Bozeman Sports Medicine, is a specialist in his field for one reason: to make your life an active life. An active life means hiking, skiing, playing tennis or pickleball, training hard, running a marathon, or playing on the floor with your grandkids. Whatever your dreams are, Dr. Adams’ expertise can help you regain them. So when musculoskeletal injury, pain, and nerve entrapment issues stand in the way of this kind of life, it is imperative that they be healed. Not masked, not tolerated, but healed.
When you meet Dr. Adams, you will notice that there are two things that characterize his approach: First, he is interested in your goals, your dreams, and in finding a way to achieve them. Second, he believes excellence is the path towards successfully treating your condition. This commitment to excellence has been reflected in Dr. Adams’ career path. He is a national expert in musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging. He is a regular presenter at national and international conferences, including an advanced ultrasound group that is developing cutting-edge evaluation and treatment methods. He is an anatomy professor in our WWAMI medical school at Montana State University.  All of this experience benefits you as a patient.
Dr. Adams and his family moved to Bozeman in 2016 from Wisconsin, where he had a busy musculoskeletal practice for 15 years. His wife, Dr. Alexandra Adams, has also had a career committed to excellence.  An MD/PhD herself, Dr. Alex Adams is a national expert on building community research partnerships. She is the director of CAIRHE, the Center for American Indian and Rural Health Equity at Montana State University. The two Dr. Adams have three children, the oldest an engineer at SpaceX, the middle a mathematician, and the youngest a budding entrepreneur.

Who we are

Dr. Erik Adams of Bozeman Sports Medicine 2

Erik Adams MD, PhD

My vision for your health is that you are restored to full activity, without restrictions or barriers. I believe in healing, and the techniques we use at Bozeman Sports Medicine do precisely that – they heal. My goal is always an excellent outcome for each patient. It is this focus on your health that has driven me to pursue the most advanced training throughout my career.


MD, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Urbana-Champaign
PhD Chemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Residency, University of Wisconsin
Sports Medicine Fellowship, Maine Medical Center, Portland, Maine


Sports Medicine Physician, Bozeman Sports Medicine
Assistant Research Professor, Montana State University Bozeman
Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine
Anatomy Instructor, WWAMI Medical School site, MSU
Erin Sigler of Bozeman Sports Medicine 3

Erin Sigler, MA

Practice Manager and Medical Assistant

Erin is a native of Montana, born and raised in Livingston. She attended college at the University of Montana in Missoula, where she studied social work and was trained as a medical assistant at St. Patrick Hospital. She returned to the Livingston area and attended classes at Montana State University where she earned her Associate of Science degree.

In 2013, she and her family moved to Bozeman to be closer to BZN International Airport for her husband’s job. Shortly after, she teamed up with Dr. Erik Adams and discovered their team approach to patient care. When not in the clinic, Erin is also a licensed Property Manager and loves helping our community with their housing needs.

She and her husband have 3 daughters and a furry son named Hank. In their free time they prefer to be outside camping, rafting, golfing, watching baseball and Erin is particularly fond of sitting the sidelines of their daughter’s volleyball and basketball games. She recently discovered cross country skiing and is enjoying that scenery as well.

Why I do what I do? I love patient care and the connections I make in medicine. Injury and illness can cause a lot of anxiety and fear in patients, my job is to make them feel welcome, at ease and comfortable with their plan of care while helping them navigate their road to recovery. Following the great Mark Twain’s advice “Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” - I’m doing that, EVERY single day.
Erin Sigler of Bozeman Sports Medicine 3
Julie of Bozeman Sports Medicine for stem cell injections

Julie Harris

Julie was born and raised in Livingston. She has a daughter and a son and enjoys her four granddaughters. She loves spending time with her friends, traveling, camping, and following her granddaughter’s volleyball and basketball games.

She has worked in government, a nonprofit building and rehabilitating affordable housing, and the title industry. She moved to Bozeman in December 2020 to be closer to her mom. The medical field is a new arena for her, and she loves interacting with their patients.

What we do

by Erik Adams MD, PhD

I am a board-certified sports medicine physician and have practiced my specialty for over 20 years. I take your health seriously and have built my practice around optimizing your outcome. I have more than a dozen years of advanced training in ultrasound imaging and cutting-edge treatment technologies. As an expert in my field, I have been invited to lecture on these topics nationally and internationally and have become a contributing member of a highly advanced ultrasound imaging study group. I am also an assistant professor at MSU and the University of Washington School of Medicine and teach anatomy in the Montana WWAMI [Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho] Medical School. Being surrounded by excellent doctors and scientists in these endeavors has continually pushed me to pursue excellence in myself. I believe this has a direct impact on the quality of care I can provide for you.
I believe in the traditional patient-centered values of medicine, and I combine these with a modern approach that utilizes scientifically-proven technology. This requires that I spend adequate time with you at each visit and not let the frenzied world of health insurance dictate what your values ought to be. I see life as a gift, one that we need to make the most of, and to do so,  we need to get busy fixing the things that hold us back.

A healing touch

Our treatment methods utilize what is known about the science of healing to both stimulate and speed healing. The discovery of sources of numerous growth factors that drive every aspect of healing has allowed us to harness these growth factors to address both new and old injuries. Old injuries are particularly problematic because the healing process has become arrested and usually remains so permanently. New injuries can benefit from accelerating the healing process and ensuring its completion. Growth factors are obtained from your own platelets, from mesenchymal signaling cells, or from placental tissue matrix obtained from planned Cesarean section births. The selection of the appropriate growth factor source depends on the nature of the injury we are treating.
The use of platelets (as in platelet-rich plasma – PRP) for tendon tears is well supported in the literature with randomized, controlled trials. Mesenchymal signaling cells have shown excellent data for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. These non-surgical therapies can be truly life-changing.
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Conditions & Symptoms that benefit our treatments

Rotator cuff partial thickness tears
Tennis and golfer’s elbow
Sacroiliac ligament tears
Osteoarthritis – any joint
Patellar and Achilles tendinosis
Knee MCL and LCL tears
Stress fractures
Lateral hip tendon tears
Achilles tendon partial thickness tears
Tendinosis (previously called tendinitis)
Nerve entrapments
•  Occipital neuralgia
•  Peripheral nerve entrapments in extremities
Hamstrings tears
Lumbar spine fascia tears
Ligament tears causing joint
Wrist TFCC tears
Plantar fasciopathy (previously called plantar fasciitis)
Biceps tendinopathy

Clinic hours

Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 5 pm
Friday: by appointment

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