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What do you love to do? Pain is no fun. Get back to what you love with our advanced treatments.
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Our goal is to help you heal without surgery with our ground-breaking technology and treatments.

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We care about your healing

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A message from Dr. Erik Adams, MD, PhD

How it works

From injury through recovery, we take care of you every step of the way.

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Discover options for recovery in the least invasive way.

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Leverage our advanced therapies to engage your own healing abilities.

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Heal from sports injuries at Bozeman Sports Medicine
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  • I cannot recommend Bozeman Sports Medicine highly enough. Dr. Adams and his practice is an extremely valuable asset to our community. I have been an exercise consultant and gym owner in the valley for 20 years and I have never received care from someone with his level of skill and expertise. Thank you, Dr. Adams and Erin!
    Chris R.
  • For the last six years, I have been fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Adams. The damage to my muscles was extensive, and with each PRP treatment, my musculoskeletal system has improved and strengthened. I cannot fully express my appreciation for how Dr. Adams and Erin treat me as a teammate during my procedures and during the healing process. In seeing me as a partner in my medical journey, Dr. Adams takes the time not only to answer my questions thoroughly but also helps me understand both the damage and the healing process taking place. I feel fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Adams and consider his practice a transformative part of my life.
    Jennifer F.
  • Dr. Erik Adams is truly an exceptional and skilled doctor! He successfully treated two different injuries using ultrasound guided nerve hydro-release.
    I experienced chronic nerve pain from one of my injuries for over 5 years and had been to 6 different doctors when I lived in another state, but was not able to find a doctor who was committed to provide a solution to relieve my chronic pain. I resorted to intensive physical therapy which was a tremendous help but the chronic throbbing, aching, and electrical shocks of pain never subsided. My physical therapist in Bozeman referred me to Dr. Erik Adams, whom I was skeptical to go see because of my history with the other doctors. After a few appointments with Dr. Adams, I knew I had finally found the right doctor. Dr. Adams was determined to find a solution to alleviate my chronic pain which is not what I have previously ever experienced with other doctors.
    Dr. Adams is kind and calm, and generously gives his time. He is highly skilled in using guided ultrasound and has a superb knowledge of human anatomy. He explains in detail what his solutions are. Dr. Adams and his team are top notch and I’m incredibly grateful to them.
    Jill S.
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Agricultural worker and arthritis riskAgricultural worker and arthritis risk
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Rediscover pain-free movement with Bozeman Sports Medicine.

Here at Bozeman Sports Medicine, we care about your whole-body health. Over a lifetime of exercise and activity, joint pain can become a problem. Let us take you back to the top.
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Rediscover the joy of pain-free movement through our advanced medical treatments.