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Osteoarthritis Treatment

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Osteoarthritis treatment by Bozeman Sports Medicine

Learn about Osteoarthritis Treatment in Bozeman

Osteoarthritis (OA) is an extremely common cause of joint pain and disability. In the past, patients typically suffered from OA for years, which forces them to become sedentary allowing time for more injuries to occur and making it more difficult to recover from traditional joint replacement surgery. For many reasons, the use of mesenchymal signaling cells (MSCs) is a superior choice to joint replacement.

There are many common locations for OA, therefore we treat many joints with MSCs. Patients see symptom improvement in 2-3 months and then they continue to improve in the years following. MSCs can provide long-term relief with a shorter recovery period and avoid postoperative complications.

Common locations for OA:

  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Hip
  • Ankle and foot
  • Hand, wrist and fingers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In the course of the progression of OA, treatment with MSCs can performed much earlier than joint replacement, which allows the patient to stay healthy by remaining active.
  • MSCs do not show the kinds of complications that can occur with joint replacement.
  • MSCs can be repeated if needed without complications.
  • The move towards inactivity in the presence of OA pain is usually slow, but eventually, patients become sedentary.  This damages health and shortens lifespan.  It also means that the later years of life are less fun, that the patient excludes themselves from activities with others that could enrich their life.
  • The inflammation that is part of OA doesn’t just stay in the joint – it affects the whole body.  Those with OA end up with more heart disease, for example.
  • Previously, we thought that osteoarthritis was just wearing down of the cartilage in the joint, but we now recognize that it is a complex process in which the production of destructive inflammatory compounds and enzymes is triggered within the joint.  Every tissue in the joint, even the bone, is targeted, resulting in progressive damage.
  • What is equally important is that these inflammatory compounds leak from the joint into the bloodstream, causing damage to other parts of the body.
  • Within an osteoarthritic joint, inflammation and the production of destructive enzymes work to affect every component of the joint, not just the cartilage.  Over time, this leads to joint breakdown.
  • By continually releasing certain anti-inflammatory compounds into the joint (e.g., interleukin-1 receptor antagonist – interleukin-1 is a particularly bad actor that needs to be stopped), these processes are arrested.
  • Since the MSCs are your live cells, they continue to reside in the joint after injection and do their work for years.
  • MSCs stimulate cartilage cells to make more glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), important for cartilage strength.
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Conditions & Symptoms that benefit our treatments

Rotator cuff partial thickness tears
Tennis and golfer’s elbow
Sacroiliac ligament tears
Osteoarthritis – any joint
Patellar and Achilles tendinosis
Knee MCL and LCL tears
Stress fractures
Lateral hip tendon tears
Achilles tendon partial thickness tears
Tendinosis (previously called tendinitis)
Nerve entrapments
•  Occipital neuralgia
•  Peripheral nerve entrapments in extremities
Hamstrings tears
Lumbar spine fascia tears
Ligament tears causing joint
Wrist TFCC tears
Plantar fasciopathy (previously called plantar fasciitis)
Biceps tendinopathy
Bozeman Sports Medicine knee injury

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