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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection

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Platelet-rich plasma treatment for joint pain in Bozeman

Learn about Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection in Bozeman

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) uses an extraordinary type of cell – the platelet – to direct the healing process. Platelets are present in your blood, and we use an approved kit to isolate them from a simple blood draw. Using ultrasound guidance, the platelets are injected into the injured tissue, where they release their growth factors that direct all the different components of healing. New blood vessels are stimulated to grow into the injured tissue, new collagen is formed, and damaging inflammation is suppressed, among other effects.

Platelet therapy has found application in a wide variety of medical conditions, from burns to non-healing fractures to tendon and ligament tears (see the list in the FAQ). Dr. Adams has been treating his patients with PRP since 2007 and has therefore gained extensive experience. Our clinic is also very involved and invested with professional societies that focus on cell therapy. We continually bring you the current state-of-the-art treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tendon tears (strains) and tendinosis, such as tennis elbow, rotator cuff and lateral hip
  • Chronic ligament tears (sprains), such as ankle, lateral elbow and sacroiliac joint
  • Tears of fascia, such as the dorsolumbar fascia of the low back
  • Non-healing fractures, especially stress fractures
  • Nerve entrapment injuries, such as carpal tunnel, deep branch of the radial nerve, and others
  • It starts with accurate and thorough diagnosis of the cause of your pain.
  • PRP works best when other components of a healthy lifestyle are in place.
  • You are willing to work with us on a careful return to activity.
At Bozeman Sports Medicine we care about your health and want you to be a partner in your wellness plan. When you visit our clinic you will find a welcoming environment where you are treated like a person, not just a patient, by a highly trained and friendly doctor who takes your condition seriously. We provide cutting-edge diagnostic tools and therapeutic treatments to help you reach your wellness goals.

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Conditions & Symptoms that benefit our treatments

Rotator cuff partial thickness tears
Tennis and golfer’s elbow
Sacroiliac ligament tears
Osteoarthritis – any joint
Patellar and Achilles tendinosis
Knee MCL and LCL tears
Stress fractures
Lateral hip tendon tears
Achilles tendon partial thickness tears
Tendinosis (previously called tendinitis)
Nerve entrapments
•  Occipital neuralgia
•  Peripheral nerve entrapments in extremities
Hamstrings tears
Lumbar spine fascia tears
Ligament tears causing joint
Wrist TFCC tears
Plantar fasciopathy (previously called plantar fasciitis)
Biceps tendinopathy
Bozeman Sports Medicine knee injury

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