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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

At Bozeman Sports Medicine, we pursue excellence in ultrasound imaging for diagnosis and procedure guidance.

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Learn about Musculoskeletal Ultrasound in Bozeman

The use of ultrasound imaging has taken musculoskeletal care to a new level. With the advent of better ultrasound technology in about 2005, which continues to improve, we became able to see structures in the musculoskeletal system and peripheral nerves with unprecedented detail. With that, we can now diagnose problems with greater accuracy. The resolution of ultrasound substantially exceeds that of MRI or any other clinical imaging method.

At Bozeman Sports Medicine, we use ultrasound guidance for every injection, because every injection targets a specific structure. Our aim is 100% accuracy for all injections. Dr. Adams has written a book chapter on ultrasound guidance, which you are welcome to read at the clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ultrasound has greater resolution than MRI or any other imaging methods, which means we can see things in greater detail.
  • With ultrasound, we can observe things moving (dynamic imaging).  For example, we can observe a ligament pulling away from a bone to which it is supposed to be attached.
  • It emits no radiation, unlike x-rays, fluoroscopy, CT scans and nuclear medicine imaging.  Ultrasound is just sound waves that produce a detailed image.  A brilliant invention.
  • Structures can be imaged in any plane, so if a tendon or ligament lies at some angle not captured by MRI, we can get a nice long-axis view of it with ultrasound.
  • MSK ultrasound is taught in most sports medicine fellowships, but this constitutes only an introduction.  You have to go to many courses.
  • Teach MSK ultrasound, as Dr. Adams does.
  • Be a member of an ultrasound study group.  Dr. Adams is a member of Teach the Teachers, a small group of about 45 physicians who are national experts.
  • We understand tendon disease much differently than before.
  • Lateral hip pain is not bursitis.
  • Lateral elbow pain (tennis elbow) is not inflammation.
  • We appreciate the scope of ligament sprains and now take them more seriously.
  • We can see tears in fascia.  No other imaging method can unless the tears are very severe.  This applies particularly to the back.
  • We can see if someone is properly engaging their core muscles by dynamic imaging.
  • We can see nerve abnormalities as a consequence of nerve entrapment, inflammation or trauma.  MRI is limited in this regard.
  • Ultrasound has taken musculoskeletal care to a new level.
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Conditions & Symptoms that benefit our treatments

Rotator cuff partial thickness tears
Tennis and golfer’s elbow
Sacroiliac ligament tears
Osteoarthritis – any joint
Patellar and Achilles tendinosis
Knee MCL and LCL tears
Stress fractures
Lateral hip tendon tears
Achilles tendon partial thickness tears
Tendinosis (previously called tendinitis)
Nerve entrapments
•  Occipital neuralgia
•  Peripheral nerve entrapments in extremities
Hamstrings tears
Lumbar spine fascia tears
Ligament tears causing joint
Wrist TFCC tears
Plantar fasciopathy (previously called plantar fasciitis)
Biceps tendinopathy
Bozeman Sports Medicine knee injury

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